TalaTek Information Security Consultants Kilani Paulik and Safwat Zaman have earned professional certifications, demonstrating they possess the skills necessary to support information security initiatives.

As a Certified Authorization Professional (CAP), Ms. Paulik is recognized formally for her expertise authorizing and maintaining information systems, as well as her experience formalizing processes to assess risk and establish security requirements and documentation.

Kilani Paulik

Safwat Zaman

Safwat Zaman

As a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Mr. Zaman, with his attainment of CISSP certification, has further established his understanding of network and appliance vulnerabilities and his ability to recognize and provide mitigation strategies to ensure vulnerabilities cannot be exploited by threat agents.

TalaTek keeps abreast of emerging trends on behalf of its clients. Toward that end, team members selectively pursue credentials most meaningful to strengthening and deepening our collective knowledge in this ever-evolving field. Overall, the TalaTek team boasts 18 certifications covering such specialties as project management, risk management, compliance, cloud computing, and the various technical aspects of IT security.