TalaTek Data Loss Prevention Services

TalaTek Data Loss Prevention Services

How TalaTek Can Help You Establish a Data Loss Prevention Strategy

High-profile companies make the news when they lose data because of insufficient data protections.  Any organization, regardless of size, can be at risk of data loss and the accompanying financial and regulatory costs—not to mention hits to its reputation.

That’s why it’s crucial for your organization to consider a data loss prevention (DLP) strategy to ensure your sensitive data is not lost or misused.

By classifying your information and protecting it accordingly, your company can prevent users from accidentally or maliciously misusing your data and avert costly organizational harm.

What is data loss?

There are three types of data loss:

  • Leakage is a compromise in the confidentiality of your data—it’s been taken or copied or even just read by an outsider. As a result, your organization no longer controls the data.
  • Damage is a compromise in the integrity of data still on your organization’s network. The source data has been deliberately altered. If you still use that data for business decisions and don’t realize it’s been changed, you can imagine the results. Unless you have a backup, you have lost the correct original data.
  • Disappearance is a compromise in the availability of your data. Your organization has lost it completely, unless you have a backup of the original data.

How TalaTek can help

If your organization is looking to add DLP to your risk management program, TalaTek will help you:

  • Define your program’s risk appetite—how much risk your organization can handle, goals, processes, and metrics.
  • Identify all your organization’s potential data loss vectors.
  • Document your data inventory and data classification, such as personally identifiable information or company-sensitive information.
  • Prioritize data and data vectors based on criteria such as past breaches, how much and how often this data is used and by whom, types of data, the likelihood of a breach, and the types of users with access to those vectors.
  • Begin “plugging the leaks.”

Unique to TalaTek, we use our TalaTek intelligent Governance and Risk Integrated Solution (TiGRIS) GRC managed service to:

  • Document your security information
  • Analyze your data security practices
  • Deliver your action plan, including recommended workflows and key risk metrics 

TiGRIS centralizes all of your risk, compliance, and IT security data into a single system of record to provide a true enterprise view, across all your systems and departments, of your organization’s risk status. With this critical information in place, you can leverage TiGRIS as the foundation of your DLP program and start implementing effective steps to plug the leaks.

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