Simplifying GRC

Our managed service makes GRC achievable by delivering people, process & technology in one solution

Is the G missing in your GRC Solution?

Successful GRC programs start with governance. The alignment of business goals, processes and outcomes with risk and compliance management ensures that efficacy and improvement can be measured and that risk mitigation is effective at advancing business objectives.

Most technology solutions start with risk and compliance management, without aiding organizations in establishing governance – the foundation required for a successful GRC program. Without the context of an established governance plan, organizations are addressing risk and compliance in the abstract.

The TalaTek Difference

At TalaTek we believe GRC is best delivered as a managed service, bringing together people, process and technology into a single integrated offering. This approach simplifies GRC efforts and accelerates time to value. Our seasoned GRC experts have the experience needed to get your program up and going quickly, collaborating with your team to establish a governance framework FIRST and then begin measuring risk and assessing compliance.

With the TalaTek intelligent Governance and Risk Integrated Solution (TiGRIS) managed service you bypass the complexities of recruiting and hiring staff, managing ever-changing control frameworks and regulations and procuring and installing complicated software. Instead you get a turnkey solution that jumpstarts your GRC program by delivering value hour 1, day 1. TiGRIS delivers a complete governance, risk, compliance solution for the enterprise.

Learn how the TalaTek difference can help your organization. 

What TalaTek Delivers

In a time when executives are increasingly interested in understanding their organizations’ overall risk posture and are looking for visibility and control of organizational risk — integrated processes, innovative technology and experienced staff are required. The TiGRIS GRC managed service delivers:

With deep hands-on experience, our seasoned industry experts know the ins and outs of GRC and are versed in regulations, frameworks and controls. Count on TalaTek to jump start your GRC program with the knowledge and experience you need to establish governance, manage risk and assess compliance.

With years of experience helping our clients, we’ve learned a thing or two. Our proven methodology, based on work with FISMA, NIST and many other frameworks, enables you to build a tailored governance, risk and compliance program, aligning your organization to a single risk taxonomy.

Our FedRAMP-authorized technology enables you to build a program that measures risk holistically, across the organization’s technical, operational and management controls. With TiGRIS, you can centralize and automate your GRC activities, delivering the enterprise visibility and control your executives demand.


⌖ Enterprise Risk
Third Party Risk
⌖ IT Risk
⌖ Internal Controls
⌖ Compliance
⌖ Internal Audit
⌖ Cyber Security
Gap Analysis

Supported Controls

⌖ ISO 27001/17020
⌖ NIST 800-53 Rev. 4
⌖ NIST 800-53 Rev. 5
⌖ NIST 800-171


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TiGRIS is the ONLY FedRAMP Authorized GRC

The TalaTek managed service puts the G back in GRC

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