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Risk Management Services

All businesses in our hyper-connected world rely on IT and information systems to function. This reliance puts organizations, regardless of size or industry, in the cross hairs of hackers intent on infiltrating their systems and accessing their data. On top of that, user errors and system failures contribute to data loss and expose businesses to a myriad of risk vectors.

That’s why it’s vital to establish an enterprise-wide risk management program to help your organization manage cyber-risks effectively. Risk management focuses on protecting your company’s and your customers’ privacy and sensitive data. Undergoing a risk assessment/gap analysis is the key first step.

Start with a risk assessment/gap analysis

If you are not already guided by a cybersecurity framework, we first help you determine the best security framework for your business. We then perform a risk assessment that identifies, estimates, and prioritizes information security risks for your executives/risk managers and determines the risk your organization faces. A key result of this assessment is a gap analysis; it compares your current “as is” security status in terms of meeting the requirements of your chosen security framework and establishes a risk profile of where you need to be and what you need to do to satisfy all the requirements. It identifies areas of improvement and helps you prioritize investment and resources.

TalaTek’s cybersecurity experts have decades of experience managing risks for our clients in both the private and public sectors. Our careful assessment and analysis of your organization’s business needs can identify threats and vulnerabilities that put you at risk, help quantify risks so you can make risk-informed decisions, and put resources where they are needed most.

 TalaTek’s approach to conducting risk assessments

It’s important to understand that not all risks are equal. Some you can chose to accept, some you can defer for later, and some you must remediate immediately. We help you create quantifiable risk metrics and align those with your business priorities to focus your resource allocations accordingly.

TalaTek performs risk assessments following NIST SP 800-39, Managing Information Security Risk, and NIST SP 800-30, Guide for Conducting Risk Assessments. Adhering to these guidelines, we assess threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts to an organization’s mission and business operations for federal and commercial clients alike. We analyze the likelihood a hacker could exploit the identified threats and vulnerabilities in an organization’s information systems and the likelihood these weaknesses could cause harm or have adverse consequences.

Based on this information, we help you define your organization’s cybersecurity strategies, goals, and objectives and prepare for the most serious cyber threats your industry faces.

We also help you understand the following:

  • The criticality and sensitivity of data you process and what regulations might apply: these include FedRAMP, FISMA, CMMC, and others.  
  • Your organizational architecture: your assets, ingress/egress points, types of data, external interconnections, etc.
  • Risk management strategy: what your organization needs to meet your data protection requirements. 
  • Potential costs: Remediation, architecture modification, and continuous monitoring of your risk all have associated costs.

Risk Assessment Scope

We work with you to determine the risk assessment’s scope; it can encompass some or all of the following services:

  • Enterprise risk
  • Third-party risk
  • IT risk
  • Internal controls
  • Compliance
  • Internal audit
  • Gap analysis

Risk Assessment Process

TalaTek’s risk assessment process covers these tenets of security:

  • Access Control 
  • Awareness and Training 
  • Audit and Accountability 
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Configuration
  • Contingency/Disaster Planning
  • Identification and Authentication
  • Incident Response
  • Interconnections
  • Maintenance 
  • Media Protection 
  • Personnel Security  
  • Acquisitions and Development 
  • Encryption
  • System/Network Monitoring
  • Flaw Remediation 
  • System Architecture and Design
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