TalaTek Incident Response Services

TalaTek Incident Response Services

TalaTek Incident Response ServicesIncident response is an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security incident or compromise. The goal is to prevent a breach or thwart a cyberattack. An incident that is not identified and managed at the time of intrusion, typically escalates to a more impactful event such as a data breach or system failure. The intended outcome of an incident response plan is to limit damage and reduce recovery time and costs. Responding to compromises quickly can mitigate exploited vulnerabilities, restore services and processes and minimize impact and losses.

Incident response planning enables an organization to establish a series of best practices to stop an intrusion before it causes damage. Typical incident response plans contain a set of written instructions that outline the organization’s response to a cyberattack. Without a documented plan in place, an organization may not successfully detect an intrusion or compromise and stakeholders may not understand their roles, processes and procedures during an escalation, slowing the organizations response and resolution.

Following NIST SP 800-61, there are four key phases of an incident response plan:

  1. Preparation: Preparing stakeholders on the procedures for handling incidents or compromises
  2. Detection & Analysis: Identifying and investigating suspicious activity to confirm a security incident, prioritizing the response based on impact and coordinating notification of the incident
  3. Containment, Eradication & Recovery: Isolating affected systems to prevent escalation and limit impact, pinpointing the genesis of the incident, removing malware, affected systems and bad actors from the environment and restoring systems and data when a threat no longer remains
  4. Post Incident Activity: Post mortem analysis of the incident, its root cause and the organization’s response with the intent of improving the incident response plan and future response efforts

The cyber security experts at TalaTek can help your organization build an incident response plan that meets your business and information security goals while also satisfying your compliance and regulatory requirements. Based on industry best practice and hands-on experience, your plan will inform your stakeholders on how to respond to an incident and effectively minimize its duration and impact.  Your plan will include guidance on:

  • identifying a compromise
  • minimizing dwell time
  • quarantining affected systems
  • removing bad actors
  • assessing impact
  • restoring data and systems
  • remediating vulnerabilities
  • managing communications
  • reporting to stakeholders
  • capturing lessons learned

In response to an identified compromise, TalaTek’s team of cybersecurity experts will work with your team to initiate our incident response plan. We will determine the extent of the compromise and its impact, then contain the incident and ensure bad actors are no longer present in your environment. We will recover lost data and systems, where possible, and restore your environment to a secure state, remediating any vulnerabilities and weaknesses. At the conclusion of our engagement, we will conduct a post-incident briefing including intrusion analysis outlining vulnerabilities and exploits used, defenses defeated, scope of malicious activity, data and system loss, and recommended mitigation.

Be sure your team has the tools they need to identify and respond to incidents and compromises. TalaTek can help, contact us to learn more.

TalaTek is certified to deliver Incident Response services under GSA HACS SIN 132-45B


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