Architecting in the Cloud

Our AWS-certified architecture team can take your cloud-based ideas and make them a reality with our AWS cloud architecture as a service offering.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform that allows organizations to quickly and conveniently implement advanced service architectures to serve their customers. AWS is an industry leader in creating the tools, functions, and services that your organization needs to implement everything from a show-stopping web site to a ground-breaking mobile gaming platform to a secure repository for sensitive data. But first, you need the resources with the necessary AWS skills to realize your cloud-based goals. On top of that, it is vital that both functionality and security are built into the offering from the ground up.
This is where TalaTek can help. Our team of AWS-certified security, architecture, development, and SecOps personnel will work with your organization to make your cloud-based dreams a reality. Whether you have a team of developers that needs help with implementing their applications in the cloud or simply have an idea for the next big application, TalaTek can work with your team, determine what AWS services you will need to achieve your goals, and help your team create something that is revolutionary and, more importantly, secure.

Why TalaTek?

The AWS cloud has revolutionized the way organizations provide applications and services to their customers. It allows for accelerated, dynamic engineering that can quickly respond to ever-changing customer needs. AWS also offers cutting-edge security features that ensure, no matter the type of data your organization processes, your environment will always operate safely and securely.

But of course, there is a catch. To implement a dynamic, secure architecture, you need resources who understand AWS’s complex features, functions, and services and can utilize those AWS-provided solutions to create the cutting-edge offering your organization desires. For most service-based organizations, these types of specialized resources may not fit into their overall organizational model.

Instead of hiring on-staff resources with the skill set necessary to work in AWS—and incurring the resulting overhead costs of hiring, benefits, training, etc.—you can count on TalaTek to provide these resources as a service. Our team of AWS-certified professionals understands AWS’ nuances and complexities and can bring any service your organization can dream of into the real world.

Our AWS-certified engineering team sets itself apart from the rest of the AWS specialists in the industry in two key areas:

Overall knowledge and creativity. Our architects are constantly evolving and improving their key areas of knowledge in AWS. They will work with your organization to determine what it is that you are trying to create and then put together a detailed roadmap to get you there. Our experts are available to take your project from cradle to grave; or if you already have resources to address some aspects of the project, we can work with those resources and provide supplemental guidance, as necessary. Our creativity and ability to implement solutions is unparalleled.

Security expertise. There is no point in building anything on AWS if it’s not going to be secure. TalaTek is a risk management company that specializes in security. We perform security reviews and audits for our clients and are familiar with all industry security frameworks. We ensure that this in-depth knowledge of security is incorporated into the solution from initiation to implementation, making your customers’ data as secure as possible. Whether you need to meet strict FedRAMP requirements, want to implement the tenets of AWS’ security architecture, or anywhere in between, our team of experts lives, breathes, and understands security and will use that knowledge to protect your organization and your customers.

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