Third-Party Risk Management Services

Third-Party Risk Management Services

Third-Party Risk Management, also called Vendor Risk Management, is a practice that assesses the risks associated with using outside service providers and establishes effective cybersecurity practices to prevent these third parties from introducing exploitable vulnerabilities into your enterprise.

Risk Management

Several high-profile hacks, such as SolarWinds, involve third-party vendors infecting their customers. But although a growing number of organizations rely on third parties for a range of products and services, most do not have adequate policies and processes in place to protect them from third-party vendor risks. This puts them at risk from malicious actors that use third parties to launch attacks, exploiting vulnerable back doors, partner portals and less secure accounts to gain access to systems and environments and then move laterally from there to access valuable data.

If your organization is looking to expand your risk program to include third parties, a TalaTek Third-Party Risk Management engagement will help you:

  • Define your program’s risk appetite, goals, processes and metrics
  • Collect inventories of your third-party partners and the data they access
  • Analyze your third-party partners’ systems for gaps in compliance with your goals, frameworks and regulations
  • Plan appropriate action for each identified risk and design exit strategies for critical third parties
  • Remediate known gaps and implement a governance plan

Unique to TalaTek, we’ll use our TalaTek intelligent Governance and Risk Integrated Solution (TiGRIS) GRC managed service to collect and analyze your third-party risk data and deliver your action plan, including recommended workflows and key risk metrics.

With this critical information in place, you can leverage TiGRIS as the foundation of your Third-Party Risk Management program. TiGRIS centralizes all of your risk, compliance and IT security data into a single system of record to provide a true enterprise view of your risk status.

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