TalaTek Adds Cloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services to GSA Contract

TalaTek has added Cloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services to its General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) offerings, joining its Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services and Information Technology Professional Services portfolio to provide a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity for government agencies.

Since 2016, TalaTek has been a GSA IT Schedule 70 vendor, offering IT professional services in security and risk management under SIN 541515S. In 2018, TalaTek became a MAS cybersecurity vendor for Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) Special Item Numbers (SINs) on IT Schedule 70.  Now, TalaTek has been approved to offer Cloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services SIN 518210C for the TalaTek intelligent Governance and Risk Integrated Solution (TiGRIS).

TiGRIS is a FedRAMP-accredited continuous monitoring software as a solution that is preconfigured with a variety of frameworks to meet business needs via predefined workflows, risk metrics, dashboards, and reports. It supports multiple standards such as FISMA; a variety of NIST Special Publications, including 800-53; and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. With customizable risk scoring tailored to each agency’s unique risk appetite and mapped to system-specific, inherited, and hybrid security controls, TiGRIS is designed to help determine an agency’s residual risks. Automated workflows and alerts ensure compliance tasks are completed on time. It also features a centralized evidence library to serve as a one-stop shop for all artifacts and documentation.

TalaTek’s Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services include:

Penetration Testing – TalaTek’s certified ethical hackers conduct a simulated attack on a system or systems in an organization’s environment, searching for security weaknesses. After testing, TalaTek documents where the system(s) is vulnerable and outlines which defenses are effective and which can be defeated or exploited. The company also provides recommended remediation plans to address weaknesses it discovered. GSA HACS SIN 132-45A

Incident Response – TalaTek’s cyber security experts can help an organization build an incident response plan that meets its business and information security goals while satisfying its compliance and regulatory requirements. In response to a security breach or cyber-attackTalaTek will work with the client to initiate an incident response plan to first determine the extent of the breach and its impact, then contain the breach by ensuring attackers are no longer accessing the client’s system. From there, TalaTek will recover lost data and systems if possible and restore the environment to a secure state, remediating any vulnerabilities and weaknesses. GSA HACS SIN 132-45B

Cyber Hunting – TalaTek’s security analysts leverage deep knowledge and experience to conduct an analysis of an agency’s security data and systems to identify suspicious behavior and advanced threats that may evade automated security solutions. TalaTek’s cyber hunting services are a proactive resource to help ensure an organization’s environment is safe. GSA HACS SIN 132-45C

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment – TalaTek’s risk and vulnerability assessments can identify and define security vulnerabilities within an agency’s infrastructure. These assessments comprise an in-depth evaluation of the agency’s risk posture, helping it better understand the current state of its risk management program. TalaTek then can help to prioritize threat remediation, addressing the most serious risks to the highest value assets first. GSA HACS SIN 132-45D

 General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule

The GSA MAS is a long-term federal government-wide contract with pre-vetted private sector companies that streamlines the process for government agencies to access commercial products and services. As part of the evaluation process, companies prove that they have the adequate financial resources; a satisfactory record of integrity, business ethics, and performance; and the skills and expertise to do the work.