New Director Touts ‘True Risk Management’

John Dettweiler - Information Security ConsultantAs TalaTek’s new Director of Operations, Johann Dettweiler is responsible for coordinating all business functions, from human resources to production. Having served as security specialist and consultant, technical team lead, assessor, and project manager, Dettweiler intuitively understands TalaTek’s operations, the value of its services, and what matters most to clients in the current security landscape.

“Clients are facing a costly security crisis with a ripple effect across our cyber economy,” says Dettweiler. “TalaTek provides true risk management – beyond mere paperwork. We help clients manage risk, keep apace of security demands, strengthen programs, and safeguard vital assets while meeting their missions.”

Dettweiler excels at risk management, strategic planning, and problem solving. With more than 14 years of project management experience, Dettweiler brings focused, disciplined leadership to a thriving company, further expanding its reach and impact.

“I’m eager to be a pivotal part of TalaTek’s new growth, says Dettweiler. “TalaTek’s approach is on target and, frankly, the future of IT security. Our team has precisely the skills, knowledge, and drive to effect positive, meaningful change in the way IT security and governance, risk and compliance are implemented.”