Eight-Point Plan to Bolster Defenses in the New Age of Cyberwarfare

Last Thursday, the administration announced that the U.S. will now officially act to deter and respond to cyberattacks with offensive actions against foreign adversaries. Leaving the politics aside, a calculated look at the potential impact of this policy change raises the specter of a massive escalation in cyberattacks and counter attacks. As a result, risk management should be at the forefront of operations for all organizations. Small or large, businesses cannot afford NOT to invest in appropriate security controls. #TalaTeksTake

To stay ahead of potential cybersecurity threats, organizations should:

  • Implement access control and multifactor authentication
  • Encrypt data at rest and in transfer
  • Maintain secure, accessible, encrypted backups
  • Create disaster recovery and continuity of operations plans
  • Assess risk of third party access to your systems
  • Manage data and classify risk based on criticality
  • Continuously monitor systems using Cybersecurity Framework (for example)
  • Evaluate industrial controls and protect your supply chain”
Defenses in the New Age of Cyberwarfare