TalaTek Selected by CMMC-AB as CMMC Third-Party-Assessor-Approved Organization

Company Now Listed as C3PAO on CMMC-AB Marketplace as DoD Ramps Up Efforts to Secure National Supply Chain

TYSON’S CORNER, Va., March 31, 2021 – TalaTek, an integrated risk management firm, today announced that it is now licensed  as a Certified Third-Party Assessor organization (C3PAO) by the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB). CMMC C3PAOs are the only organizations with authorization to conduct and certify CMMC assessments.

TalaTek has been providing CMMC advisory services to clients and recently registered as as a Registered Provider Organization from the CMMC-AB. These services include strategic and operational consulting to ensure CMMC alignment around governance, gap assessment, and risk management and remediation activities. TalaTek’s C3PAO status means TalaTek is approved to provide CMMC certification services and can do so once the CMMC-AB gives the green light to all accredited organizations following their successful completion of the CMMC ML3 Assessment by the DCMA DIBCAC; this approval is expected in late 2021.

“TalaTek is experienced in  delivering  third-party assessor services to federal agencies and enterprises through our FedRAMP 3PAO designation, making this a natural extension of our capabilities,” said Baan Alsinawi, Founder and President, TalaTek. “We’ve already been guiding organizations through the CMMC preparation process, and with this new authorization, we can soon help them from start to finish with their CMMC compliance and certification needs.”

The CMMC model itself is created, managed and mandated by the Department of Defense (DoD). Its purpose is to validate the security of the DoD’s 300,000 vendors throughout its supply chain and includes five levels of certifications. CMMC will be phased into DoD RFPs beginning  some time in 2021, at which time all prime and subcontractors doing business with DoD may be required to achieve a specific CMMC level certification as a prerequisite to new contract awards. 

About TalaTek

 TalaTek, a CISO Global company, delivers governance, risk and compliance solutions with a focus on people, processes and technology. By defining governance through risk and compliance goals that are tied to business outcomes, the cybersecurity firm provides a secure foundation to strategically protect an organization’s data and meet ever-expanding regulatory compliance and audit requirements. Through TiGRIS, a FedRAMP-authorized software as a service, TalaTek simplifies GRC for business and government. Follow TalaTek on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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