TalaTek ECMS is Now FedRAMP Authorized

Cloud Managed Service in Compliance with Rigorous Security Requirements

FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud-based services.

TalaTek Enterprise Compliance Management Solution (ECMS), which was granted an Authority to Operate by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC), has received an agency authorization from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). This authorization ensures ECMS is compliant with the cloud security requirements outlined by FedRAMP.

TalaTek is proud to join the elite group of only 96 organizations who have gained authorization from the FedRAMP PMO. As a FedRAMP authorized Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and an A2LA certified FedRAMP 3PAO, we strongly believe in the FedRAMP mission to accelerate the adoption of secure cloud solutions through the consistent application of security practices. In today’s threat environment strong cybersecurity and risk management practices are imperative but also resource intensive. FedRAMP eases the burden for agencies and organizations looking to leverage the cloud. TalaTek ECMS reduces the resources and increases effectiveness required to achieve integrated risk management and compliance with FISMA, FedRAMP and other security controls.

TalaTek’s agency sponsored ECMS cloud managed service, delivers real-time risk management capabilities and visibility into meaningful qualitative and quantitative risk measurements. ECMS enables efficient ongoing authorizations for the SA&A process by centralizing all compliance assessment results, risk data and related activities. ECMS empowers stakeholders such as CISOs, ISOs, ISSOs, and AOs, to make evidence-based risk decisions while continuing to monitor systems over time, ensuring they remain within defined risk parameters.

Refined through years of assisting our clients, ECMS helps organizations develop and enhance their risk management program. Organizations like PBCG rely on the TalaTek ECMS managed service to help consolidate oversight, achieve comprehensive enterprise risk management and deliver heatmaps and risk measurement reporting for an effective implementation of FISMA, OMB, NIST and other regulatory entities.

You can find TalaTek ECMS in the FedRAMP marketplace.  To learn more about how you can leverage this authorization to improve your risk management program contact us at info@talatek.com.

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