TalaTek Vulnerability Management

qualys logo - vulnerability management

We’ve partnered with Qualys to offer comprehensive vulnerability management.

TalaTek added QualysGuard® – a leading, cloud-based security and compliance solution – to make monitoring your vulnerability, configuration and compliance assessments far easier than ever before. QualysGuard allows us to automate scanning, analyzing, tracking and reporting on issues throughout your networks, devices and Web apps. And it does it all from a single Web console. That’s why TalaTek added QualysGuard to its list of provided services: to automate the management of network vulnerability scans and Web application assessments for our clients. And because QualysGuard is cloud-based, you won’t have to add any equipment or software to allow us to make your vulnerability assessments faster, more accurate and worry-free.

We’ll give you a strategic view of your vulnerability.

Your TalaTek team will guide you through the process of analysis and mitigation of vulnerabilities on a continuous basis, in-tandem with our ECMS – Enterprise Compliance Management solution – to provide a holistic, risk-management view of qualitative and quantitative controls. Best of all, combining our suite of managed services with QualysGuard provides strategic management of information security, as well as metrics that directly support management’s mitigation and/or risk acceptance decisions based on business impact assessments.

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