FISMA Compliance & Risk Management


FISMA compliance - Rock Climber on OverhangThe TalaTek Enterprise Compliance Management Solution (ECMS) is a flexible and cost-effective approach to enterprise or agency-wide information risk management. FISMA Compliance – We deliver our methodology using our “Security as a Service” (SAAS) model.

Our services transform the current resource-depleting documentation exercise into an effective, total life-cycle management of the Security Authorization process—as defined by NIST 800-37 Revision 1.0—from preparation to maintenance phases, implementing automation wherever possible.

The broader TalaTek approach to managing risk enables you to meet continuous monitoring requirements with real-time reporting and up-to-date dashboard visibility.

Tools you’ll use.

With the TalaTek solution, your subject matter experts are free to manage risk, evaluate implemented measures and/or design mitigation solutions—instead of writing documents that no one has time to read.

Most available risk measurement tools miss the big picture by focusing solely on technical controls. TalaTek’s solutions provide risk measurements for qualitative and quantitative controls alike, within one holistic risk management dashboard.

Controls that cannot be measured using automation can be evaluated by our subject matter experts for compliance, assigned a risk value and measured as part of the organization’s overall risk calculation for a Continuous Monitoring of  of ever-changing risk.

No substitute.

There’s no substitute for a team of subject matter experts who can understand your business and help you determine your best strategy for risk management.

Our solution not only automates the reporting process, we can use your pre-defined templates for system security plans (SSP), POA&M reports, risk assessment tables, etc. You can generate an as needed, up-to-date SSP as our experts continuously measure planned controls and update status, attach relevant artifacts and add working notes and comments for your auditors to review.

The TalaTek methodology provides security management with the necessary information to foster better-informed, risk-based decisions. TalaTek clients always have the information they need— to accept the risk, transfer it, avoid it, or mitigate it.

TalaTek’s methodology supports the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and other compliance standards and regulations.

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