TalaTek Integrated Risk Management Services for the Public Sector

Emphasis on cybersecurity risk management, continuous monitoring and adherence to FISMA and NIST, among other regulations, may have you examining your risk, compliance and information security program. If so, you are likely looking for solutions to help you address challenges and needs around the people, process and technology associated with moving to an integrated and ongoing enterprise risk management program.

TalaTek Enterprise Compliance Management Solution (ECMS) is a FedRAMP Authorized cloud-managed service that delivers the people, processes and technology needed to ensure your risk management program meets its goals. With deep expertise working with federal agencies and other public sector clients, TalaTek has delivered consistent excellence by leveraging the unique combination of methodologies, processes and technology in ECMS. Our methodology quantifies risk and defines the minimum-security baseline (MSB) that’s acceptable for your organization. From there, you can develop actionable risk metrics and track trends over time, giving you the intelligence you need to determine the impact and likelihood of risk to your business and to prioritize your budget and resources.

Refined through years of assisting federal agencies, ECMS provides the tools to custom build a centralized risk management program that measures risk holistically; across an organization’s technical, operational and management controls. ECMS helps public sector organizations with key components of their risk program.

Continuous Monitoring – ECMS integrates your risk, compliance and information security data into a single system of record, enabling continuous monitoring and ongoing authorization of information systems security to support risk management decisions.

Security Authorization & Assessment – ECMS enables efficient ongoing authorizations for the SA&A process by centralizing all risk data and activity and leveraging repeatable process workflows and trend analysis. ECMS empowers stakeholders and decision makers such as ISOs, ISSOs, and AOs, to make evidence-based risk decisions while continuing to monitor systems over time, ensuring they remain within defined risk parameters.

Plan of Action and Milestones – ECMS delivers centralized and efficient POA&M management including the capability to track activity, manage approvals, facilitate review processes, monitor performance management, assign actionable metrics and track related costs.

You can rely on the TalaTek ECMS managed service to help you consolidate oversight, achieve comprehensive enterprise risk aggregation and deliver measurement and reporting that exceeds the requirements of FISMA, OMB, NIST and other regulatory entities.


  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • FISMA Security Assessment & Authorization (SA&A)
    • Continuous Monitoring
    • Risk Assessment
    • SA&A Packages
      • SSP
      • SAR
      • SAP
      • SecCAT
      • PIA
  • Vendor Risk Management
    • NIST 800-171 CUI Compliance
    • Mitigation Strategy and Remediation
    • Business Risk Analysis and Decisions
  • Security Services
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Penetration Testing
    • Remediation
    • Incident Management
    • Cyber Hunting
    • Security Policy & Procedures Analysis
    • CISO/ISSO Services
    • Splunk Auditing
  • Other Services
    • Compliance Gap Analysis

Control Frameworks + Regulations

  • FedRAMP
  • NIST 800-37
  • NIST 800-39
  • NIST 800-53
  • NIST 800-137
  • NIST 800-171
  • ISO 27001/17020
FedRAMP Authorized

TalaTek ECMS is now FedRAMP Authorized

TalaTek offers the only FedRAMP Authorized managed service that delivers truly integrated enterprise risk management

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