CISO Global Earns CMMC-AB Licensed Training Provider Certification

CISO Global, TalaTek’s parent company, recently earned its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification-Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) Licensed Training Provider (LTP) certification, making the company part of CMMC’s network of Provisional Instructors (PI). This means that CISO Global is now approved to deliver Certified CMMC Professional and/or Certified CMMC Assessor certification training services. The CMMC-AB considers only training provided by LTPs as valid for preparing for CMMC-AB certifications.

In addition, CISO Global is now listed on the CMMC-AB marketplace as a Licensed Training Provider.

“CISO Global is committed to the CMMC process, especially as a means of better securing the defense supply chain,” said Baan Alsinawi, founder of TalaTek and managing director of CISO Global. “With our capabilities and deep skill set in compliance and the public sector, expanding our services in this area is a natural fit.”

To qualify for this elite LTP network of Provisional Instructors, CISO Global’ trainers underwent a rigorous PI training process, followed by passing knowledge- and performance-based examinations. This included completing the Provisional Assessor training course to gain comprehensive knowledge about the CMMC Framework, validated by passing the CMMC-AB Provisional Assessor certification examination.

CISO Global’ Pls, led by Dr. Tom Cupples, a cybersecurity industry veteran with security certifications including CISSP, PMP, Sec+, and Net+, bring decades of experience in performing security assessment and delivering training in both classroom and remote settings. Cupples knows what it takes to train students to retain complex and technical information and to pass certification exams.

CISO Global is currently scheduling the following online CMMC training classes for spring 2022:

CMMC Level 1 Self-Assessment training
A three-day course designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge to self-assess at Level 1 of the CMMC model. Note: This course does not provide a certification option with the CMMC-AB. Course materials are provided by an accredited Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP), as required by CMMC-AB.

Certified CMMC Professional Certification training
A five-day course designed to prepare aspiring CMMC assessors for CMMC-AB’s Certified CMMC Professional certification examination.  According to the CMMC-AB, this class is a CMMC-model specific “gateway class” that covers the CMMC model, the assessment guides, and how to practically interpret the CMMC model. Students are required to complete this course to be eligible to take the Certified CMMC Professional examination. Course materials are provided by an accredited LLP, as required by CMMC-AB.

For more information and/or to reserve a seat in one of these courses, email